Let your service serve you

You chose to serve, to defend Canada and your fellow Canadians. You used your knowledge and experience to keep us safe and secure. At Babcock Canada, we appreciate what you’ve done. And we value the many skills you’ve acquired along the way. Like critical thinking and problem solving. That’s why we want to be part of what you do next.

Welcome aboard

Thanks to your military background, you bring unique qualities to the civilian workplace. Along with the strengths you’ve developed during your service – like leadership and loyalty – you deliver natural qualities like discipline and strategic thinking. At Babcock Canada, we appreciate how vital those skills are, in large part because we’re already familiar with the work you do and the goals you strive to achieve every day. Much of what we do at Babcock Canada involves supporting Canada’s armed forces. For example, we are a trusted provider of critical in-service support to the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet of Victoria Class submarines.

While Babcock Canada plays a predominantly supporting role, in many ways, we’ve always been on the same team, always working together to make your job as safe and productive as possible. Which is why we’re fully committed to making your transition into the civilian workplace as easy and satisfying as possible.

To that end, Babcock Canada is a proud member of the Canada Company Military Employment Transition (MET) Program, a coalition of organizations committed to helping Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans find meaningful employment in the civilian workplace. The program is a bridge between the Canadian Armed Forces and more than 250 Canadian Companies eager to hire skilled veterans and reservists.

At Babcock Canada, we not only recognize and value your skills and experience, we want to be part of what you do next

More recently, we expanded our efforts to assist the spouses of members of the Canadian Armed Forces. We are now a certified Military-Spouse Friendly Employer, part of the Military Employment Transition Spouse (METSpouse) Program. Also administered by Canada Company and Military Family Services, the METSpouse Program is an employer network whose partnering employers recognize the advantages of hiring military spouses.

Like other members of the METSpouse Program, Babcock Canada believes hiring military spouses is an opportunity to strengthen our workforce and enhance our organizational culture. We appreciate the unique skills and capabilities that military spouses bring to any organization. We see it as a win-win situation – by providing attractive employment opportunities to military spouses, we gain access to a highly dynamic and eager employees with a unique global perspective on the military environment.