Equipment support

We deliver equipment support for various assets operated by our defence and civil customers. We apply technical knowledge and expertise, digitally enabled asset management, and predictive support models in highly regulated environments to deliver availability, capability, and affordability, without compromise, every time. 

We are not limited to one system, solution, or approach. We focus on delivering customer value by finding the correct answers, utilizing the appropriate technology, and leveraging it to maximize impact.

We partner with delivery agencies in the tri-forces to modernize and life-extend critical assets and platforms. From rapid maintenance and repairs for military vehicles and aircraft to complex deep maintenance, life extension, and capability upgrade programs for submarines, we tackle complex, high-stakes tasks in the most challenging environments. 

In-service support for Victoria-Class submarines 

Since 2008, we have provided complete lifecycle engineering support for Canada’s fleet of Victoria-Class submarines. This includes platform design, integration, configuration, management services, and maintenance and waterfront support. Working collaboratively with the Canadian Submarine Sustainment Enterprise to deliver the Victoria In-Service Support Contract, Babcock has become Canada’s undisputed leader in submarine in-service support, expertise, and experience.