Environmental stewardship

Now more than ever, what we do matters.

Our environmental priorities:

Reducing emissions and setting science-based targets to reach net zero across our estates, assets, and operations by 2040.

Integrating environmental sustainability into program design to minimize waste and optimize resources.

We are committed to conducting detailed carbon assessments of our products and services and developing net zero roadmaps. We have set governance concerning climate change, integrated risk management, and scenario planning in our strategic planning cycles and have set some initial targets. We have also conducted a strategic climate-related risk assessment to assess the financial impact of the key risk themes on the organization’s business strategy and financial planning. 

Smart solutions 

We support our customers by providing smart answers to joint challenges, such as combating climate change. We make their mission our mission by developing innovative low carbon products and services and driving this through our value chain to enable further emission reductions as we work towards achieving a net zero future, together. 

Integrating environmental sustainability  

We are on a mission to integrate environmental sustainability into our program design to reduce waste, optimize our resources and minimize the impact of our operations. 

Plan Zero 40 

In 2021, we launched our decarbonization strategy, Plan Zero 40, where we committed to delivering Net Zero across our own operations (Scope 1 and 2) by 2040 and the delivery of a 2030 Science-Based Target in line with a 1.5-degree pathway. Under Plan Zero 40 we have segmented our investigations and delivery of decarbonization initiatives into four strands: Estate and Assets, Transport, Products and Services, and Value Chain. 

Natural environment 

Throughout our global operations, we interact with a range of complex natural ecosystems. Maintaining and enhancing these ecosystems’ biodiversity is a priority as we strive to protect and improve the environment and adapt to climate change impacts. Over the past year, we invested significant efforts to further understand nature-related impacts, risks, and opportunities.