General Logistics Vehicle

Delivering the latest military and security force vehicle 

Our General Logistics Vehicle (GLV) can fulfill a multitude of tasks for the Canadian military and militaries across the world.  Replacing the Land Rover Defender, the vehicle is based upon the Toyota Land Cruiser, but with significant re-build and enhancements. It builds upon the characteristics, performance, and core architecture of the iconic military Land Rover, whilst applying our engineering expertise and the latest technology. 

Meeting the needs of different missions 

The GLV series offers a common vehicle base with various role modules to meet the needs of different missions in evolving theatres of operation. Optimum functionality is provided through value-engineered specifications that prioritise operational effect whilst maintaining passenger comfort and ease of operation. 

The GLV design enables us to integrate various signals and communication technologies, enabling the vehicle to perform a key role within an integrated C4ISTAR eco-system. The payload also allows for the integration of self-defence counterstrike capability to intercept missiles and unmanned aerial threats without compromising on mobility. 

The GLV is future-proofed against payload growth and capability improvements through the ability to undertake:

  • Gross vehicle weight uplift packages
  • 6×6 conversions
  • Wheelbase and chassis extensions
  • Zonal armour kit installations
  • High output power systems upgrades

Our through-life capability management approach provides the ability to develop hybrid, electric vehicle and hydrogen powertrain solutions within the GLV, including retrofit if required in the future.

An effective, reliable, and affordable all-terrain vehicle 

We recognise the need to balance rising costs with a pressing requirement for greater and more robust defence and security. The GLV is an effective, reliable, and affordable all-terrain vehicle that will enable militaries and security forces to operate larger multi-role fleets. 

Through our significant and unique experience with equipment support and asset management, we ensure that critical vehicles are readily available, affordable and future proofed, and that the through-life costs of the GLV are kept to a minimum.

Ensuring militaries are mission-ready 

The GLV is a resilient workhorse built around the proven Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 vehicle which has been used by militaries and aid agencies all around the world. End user comfort, safety, manoeuvrability, and protection has been foremost in the design and production of the GLV, as has the ability to integrate evolving technologies and mission systems. The ergonomically designed cabin accommodates the widest range of driver dimensions compared to other utility vehicles in the market with no loss to urban or off-road mobility. 

The layout and familiarity to the Land Rover will be evident for technicians and users alike due to the: 

  • Beam axle suspended front engine 
  • Ladder frame chassis with separate body 
  • Familiar layout and componentry 

While our new General Logistics Vehicle has the look and feel of the historic Land Rover, the design features utilise our significant expertise and the latest technology, ensuring Canada is equipped and mission-ready whenever and wherever needed.