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Air ambulance services by the numbers


years of air ambulance experience


patients transported


minute average helicopter response times in city and rural environments


Babcock-owned EMS aircraft in service


missions completed last year


emergency medical flight hours last year


highly skilled and trained medical professionals


operational EMS bases around the globe
Babcock air ambulance helicopter operating in Sweden

What we do

Our Canadian specialist teams provide 24/7, primary and secondary medical transportation services, or can tailor our service delivery to our customers’ specific air ambulance requirements.

We can deliver:

  • Fixed and rotary-wing services
  • Specialized ambulance-configured aircraft
  • Customized medical aircraft interiors that meet stringent regulatory requirements
  • Specialized training to support emergency medical services crews
  • Medical teams, including doctors, nurses and paramedics
Babcock Emergency Medical Services pilots conducting aircraft safety checks

Experience in every situation and environment

Our air ambulance experience is drawn from operating environments that extend from northernmost Europe to Canada and southern Australia. Our services are delivered over land and sea, at high altitudes, over long distances, in extreme weather, and in remote, rural and complex urban environments.

Babcock provides Critical Care air medical transport throughout the Province of Manitoba and to surrounding jurisdictions, including out-of-province patient transport.



One of the world’s leading providers of air ambulance services

Highest quality and most cost-effective service
Experience in conditions like those in Canada
A full range of individual and turnkey services
Able to provision specialized aircraft

How we do it

Our air ambulance teams help our customers save lives and minimize injuries and illness with a mission-critical operational focus on high standards and cost-effectiveness. They draw on Babcock’s overall aviation capabilities and expertise, and on lessons learned from across the breadth and depth of Babcock’s global air ambulance operations.

Babcock engineer inspecting an air ambulance

Provisioning life-saving aircraft

Babcock’s global air ambulance network includes many operating bases, with talented teams of highly trained professionals serving in multiple aircraft types, many of which are fully equipped with healthcare systems necessary to stabilize patients during emergency flights from remote and difficult-to-access areas.

We work with you to address your specific needs.

Standing by to answer your questions

Chris Hodson

Director, Business Development – Aviation

As a global aviation professional, Chris Hodson has built expertise across both the defense and commercial sectors of the aerospace market. He has worked closely with federal governments, non-governmental organizations and multi-national enterprises in the provision of tailored aviation solutions.

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Emergency Medical Services

Babcock’s emergency medical aircraft act as mobile ICUs with a reaction and mobility capacity that enables them to reach places that are inaccessible to others in record time.