Babcock Canada Partners with Chartd to Develop TrackOffsets™, a Comprehensive Management Tool for the Industrial and Technological Benefits Program

Babcock Canada (Babcock) has partnered with Ottawa-based technology company Chartd to develop a management and tracking tool for its Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) program. The result of this collaboration is TrackOffsets™, a full-stack, custom made financial web application that simplifies ITB management and reporting in Canada.

TrackOffsets™ provides a comprehensive solution to manage ITB commitments and simplify compliance with the ITB policy. The application can support supply chain, finance, commercial, and government relations requirements, making it a valuable tool for many industries.

The ITB Policy requires companies to undertake high value-added business activities and investments in Canada equal to the value of their contracts. Babcock is committed to meeting its ITB obligations to Canada on the Victoria In-Service Support Contract and partnering with Chartd is an indirect investment under this policy.

Partnering with Babcock Canada to develop the ITB tracking and management tool has considerably boosted our company. We are on a growth path, which would not be possible without Babcock Canada’s support.

Hanan Shpungin, Founder and CEO, Chartd

Babcock’s commitment to supporting small and medium-sized businesses is evident in their partnership with Chartd.

We are proud to collaborate with Chartd to develop innovative and practical solutions that benefit both of our organizations and others in Canada. Supporting small and medium-sized businesses is an essential part of our commitment to the ITB policy, and we are thrilled to see the growth and success of our partners such as Chartd

Abhinav Chakraborty, Head of Technology and Innovation, Babcock

Chartd is looking forward to launching and showcasing TrackOffsets™ at their booth (#126) at CANSEC 2023.

About Chartd

Chartd is an Ottawa-based technology consultancy that designs and develops mission-critical solutions. They bring together software development, data science, and artificial intelligence to create seamless and effective business solutions.

To learn more about Babcock’s partnership with Chartd, you can visit the Babcock booth at CANSEC 2023.

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