New Shadow Executive Committee Meet for the First Time

Babcock International Group (Babcock International) is delighted to have launched their new Shadow Executive Committee (Shadow ExCo), bringing together a group of non-executive employees from across the business to work together on key strategic initiatives alongside their Executive Committee (ExCo).

Not only will the Shadow ExCo bring more diverse and new ways of thinking to ExCo, but it will also enable Exco to elevate talent and empower Babcock employees to spark change from the top.

The committee was assembled following a significant recruitment campaign, attracting over 350 applicants from seven different countries. With representation from employees across Babcock International, including employees from the United Kingdom, Australasia, South Africa, Canada, and France, Exco is confident that the Shadow Exco is reflective of the global business.

Last month the Shadow ExCo met with the ExCo for the first time at Babcock International’s Head Office in London to hold introductions and set expectations for the partnership. The session laid the foundations for relations between the two committees and gave an insight into some of the critical work that the new team will undertake.

“I’m delighted to finally see our first Shadow ExCo cohort around the table here in London with the ExCo, bringing together experience from all corners of our business. Our immediate ask of the Shadow ExCo is that they are open and honest with us and are curious to explore issues that we are currently facing and opportunities available to us as a business. This is a radical project for Babcock, and I am very much looking forward to seeing where this partnership will take us.” – David Lockwood, CEO, Babcock International Group.

The new Shadow ExCo initiative will become a part of who we are, and how we function as a business. With a committee of individuals who can think strategically, and are passionate about global, company-wide collaboration, it will encourage diverse, curious, and challenging views, that will ultimately add value to our business.

Good luck to everyone who was selected from across the business, we look forward to seeing what you do!

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