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National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, a time to increase safety awareness with the goal of reducing preventable injuries and deaths. This month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.

Health and safety is a core value for us at Babcock. Our group-wide goal is that everybody goes home safe every day. To achieve this, we invest in safety, providing suitable resources, training and time. We also expect our managers to ‘walk the walk’, by personally setting a good example, listening to and involving others.

“For us home safe every day is not just a phrase, it is a way of thinking, acting and responding. Babcock is committed to ensure that everyone goes home safe every day” – Mike Whalley, President of Babcock Canada

Babcock does not take short-cuts when it comes to safety. We look after ourselves and we look after each other. We don’t walk by anything that we feel is unsafe without intervening.

Babcock recognizes that the work environment is constantly changing so we regularly review how we work to ensure it’s the safest it can be. We share our know-how, ideas, experiences, successes and failures so we can continue to learn and improve.

You can download a copy of our Safety booklet “Safety The Babcock Way” by clicking the link below: