Global Experience

As a key member of the Babcock International family, Babcock Canada has the collective knowledge of more than 35,000 skilled workers world-wide.

Like our over 380 Canadian specialists, our global network of committed experts design, build, manage, operate and maintain assets vital to the delivery of a wide assortment of key public services.

As a result, we’ve established an unrivalled national naval ISS support capability. In short, we’ve developed Canadian solutions to address Canadian challenges.

Today, Babcock Canada is recognized as a leading naval ISS specialist, not only in Canada but around the world.

Our success in Canada is supported by our international partners. For over 125 years, these talented specialists have delivered excellence in engineering support and services across six continents. Their experience and their knowledge provides Babcock Canada with a solid foundation.

As an ideal partner working alongside the Government of Canada, we have the ability to leverage naval ISS global best practices and provide valuable insight into the future of naval ISS in Canada.

We’re leveraging Canadian expertise and over 125 years of global engineering excellence.

Naval ISS Specialists

Babcock Canada possesses the engineering expertise that our clients require. They expect, and we deliver, exceptional naval in-service support solutions.

In 2008, when the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) four Victoria Class submarines required extensive maintenance and repair, the Government of Canada selected us to do the job. Our ability to work collaboratively with Canadian naval support communities – and to leverage over 125 years of critical naval in-service support expertise – made Babcock Canada the ideal choice for this complex and vital task.

The RCN entrusted us to modernize and maintain highly complex platforms, capable of operating in an unforgiving environment. At Babcock Canada, we understand the responsibility that comes with that trust. Like the RCN, we know that those who protect the lives of Canadian families must have equipment they can rely on at all times and in all circumstances.

With expertise developed in Canada to meet uniquely Canadian needs, and with ready access to the knowledge of a workforce that stretches across six continents, Babcock Canada’s talented team of specialists is successfully carrying out the rigorous material certification process required to get the job done right.

Our extensive global network gives our talented specialists ready access to the expertise needed to design uniquely Canadian solutions.

High Skills Training

We are leveraging our proven training techniques, technology, capability and state of the art E‑learning to help deliver skills and trades training.

Babcock Canada is rapidly developing numerous partnerships with leading edge learning institutions, and reaching out to indigenous youth so they can learn and work in their own communities.

The Conference Board of Canada predicts that by 2020, Canada will require 1 million new skilled tradespeople. At Babcock Canada, we’re working with our partners to help bridge that gap.

In British Columbia, we’re using our Victoria Class ISS contract to develop a highly skilled workforce. In Atlantic Canada, we are engaging with institutions and colleges to fill skills shortages critical to the management of new naval fleets.

Collaboration is a key to our initiatives. In Manitoba, we’re working with the Neeginan College of Applied Technology to provide E-learning opportunities. In Esquimalt, we’re exploring opportunities with Camosun College to establish an Aboriginal Maritime Skills Trade training facility. And specific to British Columbia we’re dealing with the Industry Trades Authority (ITA,) BC Association of Institutes and Universities (BCAIU), and Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) to find ways for Babcock Canada to play an active role in transforming the way trades and technician training is recognised in the province.

By focusing on Canadian talent and by using leading-edge high skills training techniques and forward thinking technology, we’re changing perceptions towards trades training.

Economic Development

Babcock Canada’s ability to draw on over 125 years of global experience allows us to readily share global best practices with our Canadian workforce.

This smooth and unhindered flow of intellectual property develops the expertise Canada requires to thrive in the world economy.

Through our focus on skilled trades, and our investment in education and training opportunities for indigenous youth, Babcock Canada supports a sustainable and growing marine industry in Canada.

Babcock Canada brings the added value of being shipyard agnostic. As a result, we train and employ the skilled workers, and procure or leverage the required supply equipment, to service vessels at shipyards and docking platforms from coast to coast to coast. In addition to creating new jobs, we promote supplier development initiatives across the supply chain, supporting small and medium sized enterprises and coastal communities in various maritime regions.

The success of that approach is evident in Babcock Canada’s extensive maintenance work on Canada’s four Victoria Class submarines. Since taking on the task in 2008, we’ve created a highly skilled workforce to carry out significant through-life maintenance activities, developing uniquely Canadian expertise and contributing significantly to Canada’s economic development.

Because we’re shipyard agnostic, we support a wide range of SMEs and coastal communities, promoting economic growth across the country.