Military Family Appreciation Day – The Bowkett Family

Today, in honour of Military Family Appreciation Day, we are celebrating families of veterans and active members of the CAF who are part of the Babcock family.

Earlier this morning we shared the story of the Marasco Family. This afternoon, we would like to honour the Bowkett Family.

Tara Bowkett, a member of the Babcock Canada family, is married to S1 Sailor Seamus Bowkett. Bowkett is currently deployed on HMCS Vancouver, one of the 12 Halifax-Class Frigates.

Tara has many ways that she works to support her family and other military spouses.

We have developed many strong friendships and connections within our military community that provide support to our family while my husband is deployed. I created a book club for other military spouses in our area that allows us all to have a space to vent and cheer each other on during difficult deployments. We also participate in some of the activities through our Military Family Resource Center and follow the ship’s family page on Facebook so that we are informed and up to date on the progress of the deployment. Maintaining strong communication with my husband is the best way for us both to feel supported while he is away.  Knowing that I am independent and have adequate support and resources allows him to focus on his role there and do the best job possible while he is away. I am so proud to be a military spouse and support my husband while he does his best work protecting and serving our country.

Tara Bowkett

To Tara and all our other military families, thank you for everything you do to support the mission of the CAF, military members, and each other, and for your service to our country.

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