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Experience Babcock’s Innovative Lifecycle Material and Risk Management Tool, SureView, at CANSEC 2023 

Babcock is excited to unveil the latest version of our innovative technology SureViewTM, which will be on display at our booth during CANSEC 2023.

SureViewTM is an innovative lifecycle material and risk management tool that is designed to optimize equipment maintenance and reliability. This tool employs advanced analytics to identify potential system deficiencies. SureView’sTM customer-facing web portal enables a streamlined experience for its users, leading to enhanced preventative maintenance of equipment.

Powered by Amazon Web Services, SureViewTM will now leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer customers questions as well as proactively identify risk and reliability challenges that could affect asset maintenance.

Abi Chakraborty, Head of Innovation and Technology (IRB), Babcock Canada, will be at the Babcock booth to provide attendees a hands-on demo of SureViewTM.

Abi has been a member of Babcock for over eight years and has played an integral role in the development of Babcock Canada’s innovation, technology, and Industrial Technological Benefit portfolios.

Abi will showcase SureView’sTM latest features and attendees will be able to experience this new innovative lifecycle material and risk management tool. As part of this session, Abi will be ready to answer any questions attendees may have regarding Babcock’s innovation and technology portfolios, and how they might be able to enhance your organization’s asset lifecycle management.

Be sure to stop by our booth, #321.

To learn more about Babcock at CANSEC 2023, visit: CANSEC 2023 : Babcock (