Babcock confirmed as a pre-qualified bidder for the ‘Victoria In-Service Support Contract II’

Babcock is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Government of Canada as a pre-qualified bidder for the Victoria-class In-Service Support Contract II (VISSC II).

Since 2008, when Canada selected Babcock as its preferred industry partner for sustainment of the Victoria Class Submarines, Babcock has worked in partnership with our enterprise colleagues in the Royal Canadian Navy, the Federal Government and the private sector to grow and strengthen Canada’s strategic industrial capability for submarine sustainment. Under VISSC I, Babcock has delivered a complex mix of services such as Program Management, Design & Engineering, Materiel Management, and Production Support that have enabled the delivery of safe, highly capable submarines to Canada.

Since the inception of the VISSC I program, Babcock has proudly contributed over $1.8 billion to Canada’s economy and has proactively developed a Canadian supply chain network that is now an integral part of Canada’s strategic submarine sustainment capability. The vast majority of Babcock’s Canadian Submarine expertise is Canadian, and leverages Babcock’s global submarine sustainment knowhow when required. In addition, Babcock’s high-performing submarine sustainment supplier base has carefully and steadily grown to over 330 suppliers from coast to coast, annually sustaining over 2,000 Canadian jobs.

“We’re honoured that Canada has chosen to work with Babcock to further enhance and develop the holistic submarine sustainment enterprise and wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to Canada our commitment to the Victoria Class submarines and Canada’s sustainment needs. We look forward to working with Canada, with our partners and suppliers, and with our long-standing principal partner Seaspan Victoria Shipyards toward a successful process for VISSCII.”

Mike Whalley, President of Babcock Canada

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