Military Family Appreciation Day – The Marasco Family

Today, in honour of Military Family Appreciation Day, we are celebrating families of veterans and active members of the CAF who are part of the Babcock family.

Stacey Marasco, a member of our Babcock Canada family, is the spouse of LCdr Nicholas Marasco. 5 years ago, the Marasco’s shared a special memory when LCdr Marasco proposed to Stacey on HMCS Chicoutimi, one of the four submarines Babcock Canada provides in-service support to, as part of Team Victoria-Class.

In honour of today, Stacey shared with us what it means to be a military spouse and how families can work together to support each other while military members are on active duty:

To be a military spouse means having an open mind, being ready for adventures, and working as a team. Sometimes it’s a deployment where you can’t communicate and sometimes it’s preparing for a move across the country where communication and patience is key. No matter what happens though, it’s important that you reconnect and support each other in your own goals and hobbies and understand that working to protect our country is an important job. The supports in place by the Military Family Resource Centers are also wonderful with family focused programs and exploration opportunities for whatever new city we move to.

Stacey Marasco

To Stacey and all our other military families, thank you for everything you do to support the mission of the CAF, military members, and each other, and for your service to our country.

For the proposal, the @Lookout Newspaper Navy News, was on hand to capture snapshots and the full story. For the full story of the Marasco’s special day, visit: Love is in the air : Pacific Navy News (

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