Co-op program

Co-op program

Embarking on a new career should be one of the most exciting times in your life. At Babcock, we share your enthusiasm and are dedicated to making your transition into professional life enriching by ensuring you are surrounded by colleagues in a supportive environment. We strive to give you room to grow and provide access to collected insights and experiences of over 30,000 skilled Babcock personnel across six continents.  

Our commitment to educating and training young professionals, particularly within STEM, is strong. We proudly support the development of Canada’s next generation of engineers, technologists, and business leaders. 

We are proud of our award-winning co-op program, offering students a variety of experiences including what it’s like to work on and support epic projects, from managing the deep overhaul of a submarine’s more than 200 complex systems to providing critical support for strategically important assets. To align with school semesters, our co-op program is broken into three terms: 

  • Winter Term (January – April)
  • Summer Term (May – August)
  • Fall Term (September – December)

At Babcock, we support the next generation of industry leaders. You can be confident that what you learn and experience will help you develop personally and professionally. Join our team and be part of something big!

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