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Babcock Canada possesses the engineering expertise that our clients require. They expect, and we deliver, exceptional naval in-service support solutions.

In 2008, when the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) four Victoria Class submarines required extensive maintenance and repair, the Government of Canada selected us to do the job. Our ability to work collaboratively with Canadian naval support communities – and to leverage over 125 years of critical naval in-service support expertise – made Babcock Canada the ideal choice for this complex and vital task.

The RCN entrusted us to modernize and maintain highly complex platforms, capable of operating in an unforgiving environment. At Babcock Canada, we understand the responsibility that comes with that trust. Like the RCN, we know that those who protect the lives of Canadian families must have equipment they can rely on at all times and in all circumstances.

With expertise developed in Canada to meet uniquely Canadian needs, and with ready access to the knowledge of a workforce that stretches across six continents, Babcock Canada’s talented team of specialists is successfully carrying out the rigorous material certification process required to get the job done right.

Our extensive global network gives our talented specialists ready access to the expertise needed to design uniquely Canadian solutions.

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