Frequently Asked Questions for Manitoba Air Firefighting Services

Yes, there are currently store positions planned. As our planning progresses we will be able to confirm the specific number.

During winter maintenance, staff work Monday to Friday, 40 hours a week, or more. During fire season, our hope is to follow the schedule Manitoba currently has in place.

These details will be discussed with candidates upon the offer of employment. The rates that were used in the bid are competitive and in line with current industry standards.

Yes. At present the plan is for Air Spray to employ the pilots. Babcock will employ the remainder of the employees.

No, there won’t be any automatic transfer. All existing MGAS employees interested in joining the Babcock/Air Spray Team are welcome to attend the job fair. If not able to do so, they should reach out to catherine.o’ or to make alternate arrangements as want to meet as many existing employees as possible.

We will need either 2 or 3. We are still a couple of weeks away from making this decision.

– Currently Great West life is the provider of health, dental and short-term disability benefits for Babcock. RBC is the provider of LTD for Babcock.

– Currently Encon is the provider of Health, Dental and Long Term Disability benefits for Air Spray.

– Detailed information on the benefits plans for both Babcock and Airspray will be sent to Heather Newbiggin. More detailed information will be in the booklets.

– Currently the Group RRSP/DPSP is provided by Manulife Financial for Babcock.

– Currently the provider for Air Spray is Manulife.

– Detailed information on the pension plans for both Babcock and Airspray will be sent to Heather Newbiggin. More detailed information will be in the booklets.

We plan on hiring 16 full time AMEs. An additional 10 will be hired on contract during the winter months to help us with our deep maintenance.

The job fair will be held on January 8th and 9th in Winnipeg at the Delta Marriott. 350 St Mary Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J2. It will start at 12:00 and finish at 20:00 on January 8th. It will start at 09:00 and finish at 20:00 on January 9th.

If you are not available to attend the job fair on January 8th and 9th please let Heather Newbiggin know. You may also contact catherine.o’  or We will make alternative arrangements in order to meet you.

Yes. Specific details can be found in the benefit guides for both Air Spray and Babcock. These have been sent to Heather Newbiggin and you may request a copy from her.

All new employees starting with Babcock begin with 3 weeks. Pilots with Air Spray are entitled to 4% of their gross earnings which they are paid at the end of the Fire Season in the fall.

If it is a tool that is currently used by employees to complete their work, then yes these will be available.

This will be discussed in the new year. Answers should be available at the Career Fair or shortly thereafter.

As above, this will be discussed in the new year. It is currently being discussed.

With the exception of the pilots, we shouldn’t need anyone to start prior to April 1st. Pilots will need to start earlier in order to participate in training. This may change as the transition plan evolves.