Babcock has a long and proud history providing aerial emergency services.

Every day, lives, livelihoods, safety and security depend on the operations we fly and enable. We operate in the emergency services, military air, and oil and gas sectors providing lifesaving search and rescue flights, emergency environmental operations, integrated military engineering, flight training, and critical crew change services.

We take great pride in the considerable depth and breadth of our people’s knowledge, expertise and commitment. Working with customers throughout the world, we operate whatever the demand, demonstrating flexibility, agility and enthusiasm.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Missions
Emergency Rescues
Emergency Flying Hours Per Year

We are one of the world’s largest and most innovative air ambulance operators, providing the highest standard of fixed-wing and rotary-wing services in the primary and secondary medical transport roles to sophisticated health organisations and national governments. Where requested, we can provide a complete service including the provision of our own doctors and nurses. With our own internal EASA Part 21 approved design and completion capability we are able to produce customized medical aircraft interiors. We constantly aim to drive a higher quality and more cost effective service.

Aerial Firefighting

Aerial Firefighting Missions
Flight Hours Per Year

Wildfires are becoming a serious global issue, increasing in their frequency and impact to our lives, with seasonal patterns that affect different world regions throughout the year. Babcock delivers a fully integrated and professional aerial firefighting management service, underpinned by our own proprietary technology investments and internally delivered mission specialist pilot training, in order to be the leader of market transformation. We operate both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft throughout Europe and Australia making Babcock arguably the world’s largest aerial firefighting business.

Search and Rescue

Hours of Search and Rescue
People Rescued

We are a leading provider of aerial search and rescue services developed over many years through our businesses in Spain and the UK with a strong position on delivering search and rescue services to the oil and gas sector. We provide a customized service offering by adding experience from our market leading position in aerial emergency services to deliver a value-added service for our customers

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