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Operational insight: EMS centre of excellence in Italy

Babcock has been running our EMS base in Como, Northern Italy, since 1987, handling over 25,000 EMS missions and saving thousands of lives. Across these 30+ years, we’ve worked closely with our customer to make this base a centre of excellence for aerial EMS operations in Italy. We always pride ourselves on our forward-looking approaches and appetite for innovation but nowhere is this more true than at our Como base.

The Como team have unparalleled experience in EMS operations, a deep knowledge of the mountainous territory and a reliable foundation of aviation expertise that reinforces everything they do. Our continuous fleet upgrades and technological investments have facilitated the continuous improvement of our operational capabilities, contributing to the ever safer, faster and more efficient rescue and transfer of injured or ill patients, even in adverse weather conditions.

One of our most recent standard upgrades (the use of Night Vision Goggles during night flying) was first experimented with at the Como base in 2014. Our experimental appetite means that this base is now able to transport critically injured patients at night, and in remote areas, that were previously inaccessible.

The Como team also believe their success is driven by the consolidated and efficient teamwork of all staff on the base (pilots, medical crew and mountain rescue technicians to name a few). They also credit their continuous dialogue with the medical and civil community, facilitating the identification and auctioning of specific needs, as a key tool for the success of the base.

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Chris Hodson

Director, Business Development – Aviation

As a global aviation professional, Chris Hodson has built expertise across both the defense and commercial sectors of the aerospace market. He has worked closely with federal governments, non-governmental organizations and multi-national enterprises in the provision of tailored aviation solutions.