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Women of Aviation Worldwide Week - Babcock Canada Inc.

Discussing Women of Aviation Worldwide Week with Kerry Bews

March 8th to the 14th is Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, a global aviation awareness week observed to mark the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot license. The week is a call to address gender imbalance in the air and space industry. We are continuing to celebrate it here at Babcock, by recognizing some of the talented women that work in our aviation sector.

We interviewed Kerry Bews, Safety Manager for Babcock Canada’s Aerial Emergency Services (AES), to talk about her career in aviation.

Q: What is your professional background? 

KB: I have been in aviation for my whole career and have done everything except fly and fix aircraft.

Q: What attracted you to a career in aviation? 

KB: I grew up in a house situated under a landing path that planes would take when approaching a nearby airfield, where I would try to race fighter jets as they flew over and I never won. Growing up with the sound of airplanes and engine run-ups, combined with my love for travel, made aviation a natural fit. There is a unique camaraderie in the aviation community. I treasure the experiences and connections I have made with people from every corner of the industry. 

Q: Can you describe your role within Babcock? 

I am currently the Safety Manager for Babcock Canada AES, where I manage and am responsible for things such as Safety Management Systems, Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Training, Safety Policies, Safe Work Procedures, Safe Operating Check Lists, Health, Safety and Environment and Aviation Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job? 

KB: It is all about the people. My favourite part of the job is getting to interact with all the unique and inspiring individuals on an everyday basis.

Q: During Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, what is one piece of advice you would give to young women just starting out in their careers in aviation? 

KB: If it is what you love, persevere.

Q: What motivates you? 

KB: I enjoy learning about people and finding ways and solutions to help them. I value people and want to make sure they go home safe every day.

Q: What advice do you have for someone interested in pursuing a career in aviation? 

KB: Although it is Global, it is a small industry, so just be the best person you can be.