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HMCS Corner Brook

Since 2008, Babcock Canada has been providing In-Service Support to the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet of Victoria-Class submarines. This critical work includes the provision of platform design, integration, configuration, project management services, and maintenance and waterfront support, ensuring complete life cycle engineering support.

The Submarine life cycle includes an “operational period”, where it is available to the fleet for operations and undergoes short work periods and interim dockings to complete 1st and 2nd line ongoing maintenance. Deep 3rd line maintenance or Extended Docking Work Periods (EDWPs) are when the boat undergoes extensive surveys, repairs and major capability upgrades. These long, multi-year work periods ensure the submarines remain safe, functional, and operationally capable. HMCS Corner Brook, one of four Victoria-Class submarines, successfully completed her Extended Docking Work Period (EDWP) in 2022 in Esquimalt, B.C. Repairs included fixing damage caused by a grounding in 2011 along with other maintenance routines which could only be conducted in a long maintenance period in dry dock. The EDWP included several notable upgrades such as a new communication mast, called the Universal Modular Mast, which allows high-speed, highly-secure, jam-resistant satellite communications with shore. Subsequent to the completion of the EDWP, HMCS Corner Brook will undergo camber dive and sea acceptance trials before being returned to full service.

In December 2014, Babcock Canada returned HMCS Chicoutimi back to the RCN after successfully completing the submarine’s EDWP. This milestone marked the first of the Victoria-Class submarines to undergo a deep maintenance period managed by Babcock Canada through the Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC), and the first Canadian naval vessel to have an EDWP conducted by the RCN’s industry partners. Since taking on the task of providing in-service support to the RCN, Babcock has created a highly skilled workforce to carry out significant through-life maintenance activities, developing uniquely Canadian expertise and contributing significantly to Canada’s economic development. Through the VISSC program Babcock is helping create a Canadian centre of excellence for servicing and maintaining submarines

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Keith Cunnane
Keith Cunnane

Vice President, Marine

As a global marine professional, Keith Cunnane has built his expertise and experience in the marine defence sector. Keith served in the Royal Navy for over 21 years.