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Junior Systems Engineer - Babcock Canada Inc.

Hannah Beynon’s Career Journey as a Junior Systems Engineer

March is National Engineering Month and as a recognized leader in the delivery of engineering support solutions in Canada and around the globe, Babcock is proud to be celebrating this month by highlighting some of our talented engineers.

We sat down with Hannah Beynon, Junior Systems Engineer – Naval Architecture, who supports production queries for structural redesign projects, to discuss her career in the field of engineering and provide some insightful advice for others following in her footsteps.

Q: Can you please describe your role within Babcock?

HB: I work onsite as a Junior Engineer within the Waterfront Naval Architecture team. I have been primarily supporting production queries for a structural redesign project, which will increase the platform’s capabilities by accommodating new equipment. My other responsibilities include facilitating certification of lifting fixtures, and supporting performance reporting within the department.

Q: What is your academic and professional background? 

HB: I graduated from the University of Manitoba, in 2019, with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. Formerly, I spent 3 years working as a student in StandardAero’s Defence Business Unit, supporting maintenance, repair, and overhaul of gas turbine engines. I completed my final co-op term in Babcock’s Design Agency and, following graduation, applied to a role within the Waterfront team.

Q: What drew you towards Engineering? 

HB: I have always felt driven by challenge, knowledge, creativity, and responsibility.

Q: What is your favourite part of the job? 

HB: Speaking generally, the pace and learning opportunities that come from working directly with production, the boats, and a diverse engineering team. More specifically, I enjoy investigating the problems that arise during maintenance and repair of older, and in many cases bespoke, structures and systems. My involvement in the onsite implementation of new designs provides a complimentary knowledge set to understanding the life cycle of engineering materials and designs.

Q: What is something you think people don’t know about the engineering field? 

HB: In my opinion, engineering is all about a mentality that only comes with practice. Engineers are utilized in practically every industry and most undergraduate engineering programs don’t come with an identifiable career path or a wealth of necessarily transferable skills. Job specific learning is critical to build confidence in any given field. An engineering approach to solving problems can be universally leveraged, even in non-technical roles.

Q: What is your biggest piece of advice for someone interested in pursuing a career in engineering?  

HB: Most people are aware that the road to becoming an engineer takes time and dedication. The obvious advice that I wish I’d taken sooner is to prioritize your health and personal interests, even when it requires compromising or passing up opportunities. Routinely working so hard that you fail to maintain healthy mental, physical, and social balances can lead to longer term performance challenges. Look out for yourself!

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