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Nuclear experience by the numbers


years experience in highly regulated nuclear industry


nuclear-ready personnel available globally


years supporting complex refurbishment, waste management and decommissioning projects


years experience as a nuclear site license holder

What we do

Cavendish Nuclear Canada, a business unit of Babcock Canada, is a leading nuclear services company with a growing national and global presence.

Drawing on over 60 years of nuclear experience, we provide specialized service solutions in Canada, with global capabilities across the entire nuclear life cycle — from design and build, through operations and maintenance, to decommissioning, waste management and remediation.

Specialized nuclear solutions and support

Local expertise for made-in-Canada solutions

Supported by global workforce of nuclear specialists

Actively partnered with local suppliers

Engineering and digital engineering services

Nuclear safety analysis

Licensing and regulatory support

Decommissioning and waste management

Life cycle asset management

How we do it

Cavendish Nuclear is committed to expanding its capabilities to help build a sustainable energy future in Canada.

That’s why we invest in creative thinkers with specialized knowledge and hard-won experience. People who always put safety first. People who understand your requirements precisely. People who drive value for you and who champion innovation and technical excellence to meet every challenge.

Made in Canada solutions

We are expanding our team, our capabilities and our footprint in the Canadian nuclear industry. With a focus on customized service solutions that include delivering independent technical reviews, fuel handling support services, waste management solutions and decommissioning planning. Get in touch and we can talk about all the ways we can support you and your operation.

Access to global expertise across the nuclear life cycle

In addition to our growing Canadian capabilities, we have access to an international team with expertise across all aspects of the nuclear energy life cycle.


  • Building Information Modelling
  • Data Analytics
  • Maintenance Optimization
  • Information Management


  • Research & Development Strategy
  • Waste Strategy
  • Front End Engineering
  • Safety Case & Peer Review


  • Design & Engineering
  • Program & Project Management
  • Assembly & Test
  • Manufacture & Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training


  • Site Facilities
  • Site Management
  • Radiological Services
  • Plant Refurbishment & Optimization


  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Waste Characterization
  • Waste Retrieval
  • Waste Disposal & Storage


  • Post Operational Clean Out
  • Plant & Building Decommissioning
  • Alpha Decommissioning

Standing by to answer your questions

Babcock has an impact and a footprint across Canada. If you are interested in any aspect of our work, please contact us at one of our offices or online anytime.