Case study

Case study   |   05/10/2019

Victoria Class Submarine Analytics

When managing support to complex assets such as the Victoria Class Submarines (VCS), it can be a challenge to exploit the information generated by the broad system of people, processes, and tools that are involved.
Case study   |   05/10/2019

Emergency Medical Services

Babcock’s emergency medical aircraft act as mobile ICUs with a reaction and mobility capacity that enables them to reach places that are inaccessible to others in record time.
Case study   |   05/10/2019

Canadian Coast Guard

Babcock Canada is a trusted provider of vessel refit and life extension support to the Canadian Coast Guard’s fleet of Arctic icebreakers.
Case study   |   05/09/2019


Since 2008, Babcock Canada has been providing In-Service Support to the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet of Victoria-Class submarines.
Case study   |   05/08/2019

Class Plan Scheduling

Providing risk assessed, operational profile optimization to the Victoria Class Submarine.
Case study   |   03/28/2019

Victoria In-Service Support Contract

Babcock Canada delivers vital in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy’s fleet of Victoria Class submarines.
Case study   |   03/27/2019

Aerial Firefighting in Spain

Babcock plays an important role in providing aerial firefighting support to our governmental customers in Spain
Case study   |   01/18/2019

The Spanish Maritime Safety Agency (SASEMAR)

INAER delivers and maintains the technology and equipment that SASEMAR relies upon to carry out its vital search and rescue operations around Spain’s coastline.