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Babcock Partners with RaceRocks 3D to Complete Interactive Class Plan Visualization Software Prototype

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Babcock Canada Inc. (Babcock) and RaceRocks 3D Inc (RaceRocks), based in Victoria, BC, have partnered to complete a software product through an Industrial & Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy R&D investment into RaceRocks. The Interactive Class Plan (iCP) Visualization Software Product allows users to modify key schedule, resource, and technical planning data, to quickly and easily visualize the impact of changes, thus enabling more informed business decisions.

This indirect investment is helping Babcock Canada meet its Industrial and Technological Benefit obligations to Canada on the Victoria In-Service Support Contract. The ITB Policy helps create jobs and foster economic growth by requiring the company to undertake high value-added business activities and investments in Canada equal to the value of their contract.

Babcock’s ITB investment has enabled the R&D project to complete the prototype stage and move into commercialization through the creation of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). The prototype was built to support complex decision making on the in-service support for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Victoria Class submarine program. Babcock presented the visualization prototype at the CANSEC 2019 event in Ottawa. This innovative tool has a wide range of applications to enable critical decision making for aerospace and defence and commercial programs and is a prime candidate for export showcasing Canada’s high-technology capabilities.

“This partnership between Babcock and RaceRocks demonstrates how defence procurements can be leveraged to spur innovative research and development. This investment will create jobs and help to strengthen both firms, bringing an innovative product to market and improving the efficiency of our military.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development


“This tool allows decision makers to instantly see the impact of their decisions on the capability and availability for complex In-Service Support (ISS) programs such as the Victoria Class submarines. It’s designed to be easily scaled to support larger fleets and programs.”

– Anita Pawluk, President and CEO of RaceRocks 3D


“Our partnership and ITB investment with RaceRocks is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting innovation and R&D within Canada’s small and medium businesses. The interactive software prototype that has been developed can be a positive resource to help support naval ISS programs.”

– Mike Whalley, President of Babcock Canada

Babcock and RaceRocks are committed to building on their partnership and the successful development of the iCP tool. They will continue to seek additional opportunities to fuse Babcock’s expertise in providing in-service support for complex assets with RaceRocks’ skills in data visualization, data science and software development. This collaborative approach will further the development of a digitally enabled asset management approach, aligning with initiatives such as the RCN Digital Navy.



About RaceRocks 3D Inc

RaceRocks is a full-service provider of advanced data analytics that enable critical decision-making and Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) systems that empower people. We integrate technologies including augmented reality, simulation, games and video storytelling to transfer information in a format that is engaging, immersive and entertaining to achieve optimal training results. Incorporated in 2010, we are a woman and aboriginal managed small business located in Victoria, British Columbia, and we are proud of our diverse executive leadership, management, and workforce.

We look forward to working with Babcock Canada on commercializing this software product for use in aerospace and defence and commercial applications. This software product will allow RaceRocks to continue to grow and organically attract a gender-balanced and culturally diverse workforce in high-technology positions that align with Canadian Key Industrial Capabilities and priorities.