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Babcock Canada Announces the Appointment of Gerald Robert as new Senior Business Development Manager – Aviation

Babcock Canada recently announced the appointment of Gerald Robert as new Senior Business Development Manager – Aviation. In his role as Senior Business Development Manager – Aviation, Gerald is responsible for supporting Babcock Canada’s aviation opportunities and, where appropriate, developing and executing bespoke programs in line with business strategy. Gerald is mainly responsible for growing the business across Canada for the aerial wildfire suppression services and air ambulance/emergency medical services, as well as pursuing further opportunities in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

Gerald has extensive experience in business development, having spent more than two decades leading various projects in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has been working in the aviation industry for the last 14 years. Prior to joining Babcock, Gerald was Director Aircraft Sales for a prominent worldwide aircraft brokerage company headquartered in London, UK. His focus was business development and the marketing of helicopters and turboprops. Gerald is also a Senior Aircraft Appraiser.

Gerald holds a master’s degree in International Economics from Université Grenoble II in France, specializing in international trade.

To learn more about Babcock’s capabilities within the aviation sector, visit: Aviation – Babcock Canada