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Babcock Canada signs Letter of Understanding with Swiftsure Spatial Systems Inc.

June 01, 2017, Victoria, British Columbia – Swiftsure Spatial Systems Inc. (SSSI) and Babcock Canada, today announced the signing of a Letter of Understanding that paves the way for a four-year comprehensive research and development roadmap. Under this agreement, the two companies will investigate the further development of an integrated Optronic Synthetic Aperture projector (OSAp).  The OSAp will be employed in a Synthetic Aperture Radar prototype to overcome the issues associated with the real-time processing of high data rates from synthetic aperture systems.

Synthetic aperture systems (e.g., radar, sonar, LiDAR) are used in a broad range of all-weather imagery applications including: defence, security, reconnaissance, infrastructure monitoring, terrain mapping, and ice monitoring.

SSSI’s technology enables real-time imaging from synthetic aperture systems. SSSI uses a combination of optronic and photonic technology to break through the barriers that have traditionally restricted the timely delivery of information. Imagery that used to take hours, days or months to deliver can now be provided by SSSI at the speed of light, in true real-time.

About SSSI

Swiftsure’s work on standards and interfaces that provide the “glue” to enable geospatial enterprise architectures has allowed Swiftsure to guide the movement of data from a sensor platform to the desktop or handheld device efficiently while performing value adds along the way.  Organizations are drowning in data, slowing the delivery of useful information.

Photonics lies at the core of our company’s intellectual property. Our photonics technology processes complex signal data using light, hastening detection, recognition, and decision-making.  The technology spans terrestrial, air, marine and space environments.  Our goals are to enhance 24/7, all-weather, day/night, remote sensing capabilities reducing latency, minimizing the complexity of systems, and moving organizations from the digital to the optronic age.