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Babcock Canada Certified as a Military-Spouse Friendly Employer

Babcock Canada is pleased to announce that it has signed on as an ‘Employer Partner’ of Canada Company’s new Military Employment Transition Spouse (METSpouse) Program.

The METSpouse Program is an employer network, administered by Canada Company and Military Family Services, where partnering employers are aware of the inherent employability of military spouses and explore accommodation for this mobile workforce.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand our partnership with Canada Company”, said James Buckley, Babcock Canada’s VP of Operations. “At Babcock, we see the hiring of military spouses as an opportunity to strengthen our workforce and enhance our organizational culture with the unique skills, capabilities and ‘can do’ spirit they bring to an organization. We feel that the METSpouse Program is an excellent vehicle for us to better reach this under-recognized workforce demographic.”

The METSpouse Program was developed in response to the 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman Report that recommended Military Family Services establish a national employer network to complement local and regional employment services already available to military families through local Military Family Resource Centres.

“The METSpouse Program is thrilled to have Babcock Canada join the METSpouse Coalition,” said Kerry Wheelehan, Canada Company’s METSpouse Program Director. “The METSpouse Program creates connections between Military Spouses and employers while educating employers on the benefits of having a Military Spouse on their team.  Not only are Canada’s Military Spouses are highly educated and highly skilled, they also possess those unique and highly sought after skills acquired being in a military environment:  loyalty, resilience, adaptability, dedication, and selfless service.

“The Babcock Canada-METSpouse partnership,” Wheelehan continued , “will benefit both Military Spouses by providing a wide variety of fantastic employment opportunities at Babcock Canada that realize Spouses’ professional skills and benefit Babcock by offering a highly talented pool of dynamic and eager employees whose unique global perspective on the military environment will enhance the Babcock Canada organization. The METSpouse- Babcock Canada partnership is a win-win situation.”

Babcock Canada, already an Employer Partner of Canada Company’s flagship MET Program, which helps facilitate recruitment of veterans and transitioning CAF members into the civilian workforce, has made a commitment to recruiting veterans and is proud to now also be designated as a ‘military spouse friendly’ employer.

About Canada Company:

Created in 2006, Canada Company is a federally registered charity which brings community leaders from across Canada together to support Canadian soldiers in the work that they do at home and abroad. The organization is apolitical and is an advocate for Canadians, who serve, or wish to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces, regular and reserve and their families, ensuring they receive the widest possible support, recognition and care.