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Join Babcock at the Aerial Firefighting Virtual Symposium 2020

Babcock is pleased to announce that we have teamed with Wings & Helicopters to support the inaugural Aerial Firefighting Virtual Symposium 2020. This event will take place in a virtual format on October 22nd at 1pm ET.

The Aerial Firefighting Virtual Symposium is a one-day event that will see the coming together of aerial firefighting sector leaders and experts to discuss new technologies and services that are developing within the sector.

Experts from across Canada will come together virtually, to examine critical business information regarding aerial firefighting operators and their agencies. The forum will include a variety of presentations and panel discussions, providing useful information for all those in the aerial firefighting sector, with an emphasis of the following segments:

  • New products impacting the sector
  • Available support services
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Aircraft innovations
  • Procurement needs
  • Governmental regulations and procedures
  • Opportunities and challenges, domestic and international

For over 35 years, Babcock has delivered aerial firefighting services. With operations across Europe and Canada and more than 400 highly trained professionals, our pilots and operation coordinators are experts at fighting fires from the air.

With a fully integrated and professional aerial firefighting management service, underpinned by technology investments and mission specialist pilot training, Babcock is a leading expert in the management and operations of fighting fire from the air.

We offer a wide range of fire suppression services, including water-dropping, ground firefighter transportation, mission coordination, and real-time image gathering that feed into command and control centers. Babcock is committed to providing the highest quality of fire suppression services to ensure the safety of those affected. Governments around the globe have entrusted us to protect the communities and assets within their regions.

In 2018, Babcock was awarded a ten year Wildfire Suppression Contract by the Government of Manitoba. The contract covers the entire Province of Manitoba, a population of 1.3 million people, with a commitment of approximately 1400 flying hours and 3,750 water drops per year. Babcock is also expected to achieve and maintain a 96% aircraft availability, ensuring aircraft are available from 1 April to 30 September. With an estimated 575 missions, 4,092 water drops, and providing a 99.7% aircraft availability in 2019, Babcock exceeded the contract commitments within our first season.

Register for the Aerial Firefighting Virtual Symposium:

To book a meeting with Babcock during the Symposium, contact Nicholas Avellaneda, Manager, Marketing and external communications: [email protected].