For more than a century, Babcock has been trusted to deliver highly-skilled engineering support.

In Canada, Babcock designs, builds, manages, operates and maintains assets vital to the delivery of a wide assortment of mission critical services.

We work alongside the Government of Canada to leverage naval and marine In-Service Support global best practices. This includes the extensive maintenance work on Canada’s four Victoria Class submarines. Since taking on this task in 2008, we’ve created a highly skilled workforce to carry out significant through-life maintenance activities, developing Canadian expertise and contributing significantly to Canada’s economic development.

Babcock first established a presence in Canada in 2007 with with the Canadian Submarine Management Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Babcock International Group.

On June 30, 2008, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) awarded the Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC) to the Canadian Submarine Management Group (CMSG).

The VISSC is a $1.5 billion,  comprehensive, complex alternate service delivery contract to address the maintenance, repair and overhaul, documentation and management of Canada’s for diesel-electric submarines.

In 2011, Canadian Submarine Management Group (CSMG) was rebranded as Babcock Canada Inc.

In July of 2013, Babcock Canada was awarded the first 5 year extension to the Victoria In-service Support contract (VISSC).

In April of 2014 the Government of Canada awarded a $6.5 million contract to Babcock Canada Inc. for critical refit work on the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis St-Laurent.

Following the successful completion of the CCGS Louis St-Laurent refit, Babcock Canada was awarded a contract for Phase 1 of the planned vessel life extension of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Des Groseilliers.

In December of the same year, Babcock successfully completed the Extended Dock Work Period (EDWP) for HMCS CHICOUTIMI and returned the submarine to the Royal Canadian Navy. This was the first EDWP conducted by industry under the Victoria In-service Support Contract.

In 2015, Babcock Canada was awarded a $1.6 million contract for the replacement of High Frequency (HF) Monitor Receiver Systems at select Department of National Defence (DND) facilities.

The work consisted of replacing legacy HF Monitor Receiver systems at six DND stations and two support facilities across Canada. These receiver systems are in place to guard and monitor various key HF frequencies that are used for aircraft radio communications, namely in support of search and rescue operations, arctic patrol and global transport flights. In addition to equipment modernization, Babcock Canada will also delivered associated console operator and technician training for the new systems.

In 2016 , Babcock was awarded the Victoria Class Submarine Preventative Maintenance Contract (West Coast).

In 2018, Babcock secured a $384m three year extension to its existing strategic submarine support contract from the Canadian Department of National Defence.

The original VISSC contract has been further extended to June 2021 and will see a team of more than 400 highly experienced Babcock engineers, project managers and specialist support staff continue to support all four submarines in refit and in-service.