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A leading Canadian facilities management organization joins the FAcT bid team led by Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training

Ottawa, 24 March 2022 – Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training is proud to announce Dexterra Group, a leading Canadian facilities management organization, as a partner for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program.

With the team’s far-reaching know-how and deep ties with Canada, Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training is strongly committed to providing an innovative training solution and optimal benefits to Canada’s economic and strategic goals through the FAcT program.

We are extremely proud to have Dexterra Group join the Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training Team. Together, we are committed to delivering a solution that will not only meet the needs of the Royal Canadian Air Force, but also provide lasting economic benefits and opportunities for Canadian businesses, Indigenous communities, and support job creation for Canadians.

Jana Lee Murray
Program Director, Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training

Dexterra Group

Dexterra Group, a publicly listed corporation (TSX: DXT), employs more than 7,500 people and delivers a range of support services for the creation, management, and operation of infrastructure across Canada. In 2021, Dexterra was named Canada’s Safest Employer in the Services Sector by Canadian Occupational Safety.

Powered by people, Dexterra Group brings the right teams with the right skills together – offering both best-in-class regional expertise and innovative solutions, giving clients confidence in their day-to-day operations. Dexterra self-delivers all major facilities management components with an integrated approach, customizing and creating programs and solutions that address unique infrastructure and operational requirements. Dexterra offers a broad range of facilities management and operations services, industry-leading workforce accommodation solutions, innovative modular building capabilities, and other support services for diverse clients in the public and private sectors. We view each project as a unique opportunity to make positive and long-lasting contributions to the communities where we live and operate. Dexterra engages with 65 Indigenous groups across Canada and maintains more than 50 business partnerships that aim to provide economic benefits, local employment, and opportunities for Indigenous businesses and suppliers.

Dexterra Group is excited to join the BLCAT team as a strategic partner. Dexterra is committed to providing superior performance in support of the purpose-built infrastructure and facility management services for FAcT. We are proud to support the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and we look forward to the collaboration that will set the conditions for success of the BLCAT alliance.

Dale C McGee
Executive Vice President, Strategic Imperatives of Dexterra Group